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Physical Security / On-site guarding

PROTECTA GROUP provides following variety of protective services:

- Around the clock on-site guarding of property, facility, equipment etc.

- Reception and visitor access control

- Mobile security

- Personal protection

- Special event security

PROTECTA GROUP follows the highest standards of security profession and our security guards are recruited in accordance to Labor Law of RS and associating professional rules and regulations. Security guards are highly trained professionals, readily available to respond to all challenges that you personally or your business may encounter.

Social and cultural events, sports games, concerts, and similar events require comprehensive security assessment and security plan development. We highpoint our leaders and managers that are absolutely capable to accomplish the mission.

Technology Security / Technical Protection

Technical protection combines installation and application of contemporary alarm and fire prevention systems, CCTV systems, and equipment for access control. Our Control-operation center monitors protected perimeters 24/7 and provides immediate response to the incident in accordance to the contracted obligation. This includes deployment of critical intervention team and timely and accurate report to the client and police department. Stated services include patrol and identification of security risks in protected perimeters. Based on those findings following activities are performed;

- Development of risk/security assessment plan

- Development of project analysis of recommended technical protection

- Project analysis implementation; installation of recommended equipment

- Periodical maintenance and technology security systems servicing


Technical protection applied on your premises is supervised by our team of experts that performs inspection and, if deemed necessary, orders correctional measures and suggests additional actions. In application of technical protection services, we take further step to ensure that our clients receive the best quality of service for the most affordable price. We always make sure that investment in security does not supersede the value of secured assets.    

Video surveillance

PROTECTA GROUP uses modern video surveillance equipment that enables our client to stay in touch with (via Internet) and to perform certain control functions of protected premises at all times. We also offer remote monitoring from our control-operational center.

Alarm systems and intervention

Modern and reliable alarm systems assist us in monitoring, preparing, and reacting to unauthorized and/or forceful access to protected premises. Our critical intervention team is 24/7 unit that guarantee prompt response when warning alarm device is activated.

“Panic button” is additional security measure installed to assist our clients in emergency situations by sending silent alarm call to our control-operational center following standardized procedure that consist of operational team intervention and report to police department.  

Mechanical Protection

Less valuable premises are generally protected with mechanical means, without the use of complex (combined) systems of technical protection. Independently, mechanical protective systems do not provide full protection but, however, represents the fundamental element of a proper security system. As a preventive measure, but without full guarantees for security, PROTECTA GROUP can offer optimum solutions in the field of mechanical protection.

It is about installation of cylinder locks, electronic locks, in-and-out stations, common fences without other elements of technical protection. For premises such are small shops, apartments, private houses or warehouses and storages of valuable goods, the optimal choice is mechanical protection aimed to slow and possibly stop the unauthorized access, intrusion, or burglary.

Mechanical protection in this context involves windows, doors, and backyard fences upgrades, lighting, as well as other mechanical protection elements such as metal blinds, barriers, bars, etc. In this way burglary and unauthorized access are greatly discouraged, and contraband, parking lot, and equipment and/or goods smuggling control are lot more facilitated.

Security Consulting

To determine the security level of your property and/or business, professional team of PROTECTA GROUP will review and evaluate your premises, prepare a complete security assessment and a proposal plan, optimal and affordable choice of protection measures sufficient for your needs.

This process includes a comprehensive assessment of the security in regards to overall safety and security of each and particular protected objects. The process also involves the analysis of the situation and recommendation for urgent measures for general security improvement.

PROTECTA GROUP is proficient in meeting all your needs in domain of protection of your premises, people, and business. The security plan involves determination of operations in physical security and fire prevention and protection measures, as well as collaboration with the police department. The main goal is to make the process of providing services optimal and efficient in accordance to applicable security standards.

Corporate Security

Corporate security in the terms of comprehensive protection of business, is a very complex task and a challenge for a professional agency that will help you minimize all the risks.

Business protection from malicious threatening activities is essential priority of every company. Periodic crises and safety issues are inevitable events in any organization. However, its duration and consequences could significantly be reduced if the organization is prepared for a crisis. That is the task of the security consulting and crisis management. High-risk clients and potential loss must be timely recognized for the purpose of applying appropriate measures and outlining the adequate insurance policy.

PROTECTA GROUP fully relies on the business standards in the field of private security. Compliance, as well as, development of associated rules and regulations set us apart from others operating in same field; first of all, ISO 9001 and SRPS A.L2002:2008 standards, but particularly the standards aimed to secure the information confidentiality, its flow and security clearance (ISO 27001). This approach guarantees full confidentiality to our clients because all information is classified and/or for official use only, handled by personnel with corresponding level of security clearance.

Crisis Management

Crisis management consists of planning, organizing, implementing, and controlling operations in the time of crisis. It is unquestionable that crises are inevitable, they occur in almost any organization but, their duration may be considerably reduced, and the consequences significantly lessened if an organization is prepared for a crisis. That is exactly the task of the crisis management as a new field of management. Proactive planning allows managers to control and resolve the crisis.

PROTECTA GROUP has the detailed system of risk analysis, incorporating security assessment plan, with determined security measures necessary for maintaining uninterrupted performance of the client’ primary functions or for a quicker resume to normal business after the crisis (business recovery plan).

Fire Protection

PROTECTA GROUP’s professional staff is able to offer you the installation of reliable fire protection systems with automatic alarm call and/or firefighting. The main reasons for designing and installing some of the special fire protection systems is the need for timely fire detection. Timing in firefighting is crucial so that the fire can be extinguished at an early stage, therefore prevent the significant and/or total damage and human casualties.

Selection of a certain fire system depends on the fire risk determined by comprehensive fire risk assessment of a particular premises. Fire risks, as well as other security risks, require determination of all the factors that can lead to a fire, its expansion, and potential damage. Fire prevention measures are aimed to prevent fires from starting, spreading, therefore potential damage caused by fire is reduced to a minimum.

Within services of physical security, PROTECTA GROUP also offers professional, licensed, and skillful security personnel – firefighters.

Detective Service / Private Investigations

Within PROTECTA GROUP LTD, operates Detective Agency Protecta that serves its clients in domain of private investigation. Our detectives are available to you 24/7 and will answer all concerns that you may have whether you have encountered private or business problems, or you are looking forward to enhance your business readiness. We offer detailed employment screening, corporate security measure and procedures, we do analysis and assessment of potential threats and vulnerability of your business. We investigate financial frauds and suspicious material loss and leaks of confidential information.

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