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corporate security

Our company’s objective is to assist our clients in minimizing the business vulnerability. Occasional crises and security risks are inevitable in any business, but we can help reduce those undesirable consequences with adequate and timely consultancy. That is the main goal of corporate security and crisis management. PROTECTA fully relies on relevant ISO/SRPS standards in domain of corporate, physical, and technical security. Highly trained and carefully selected professionals will guarantee absolute confidentiality.

security and risk consulting

Security consulting means systematic research of security threats and risks facing businesses including analysis, assessment, and recommendations. Our main goal is to provide clients with information about business climate in which they operate and deliver services that fit our clients’ needs. Assessment plan involves identification of the threats and determination of countermeasures when physical and technology services are in place. Assessment plan also incorporates liaison with government authorities, at first place with police department. Risk consulting is optimal procedure, efficient, and organized in accordance to the highest professional standards.

physical security/on-site guard

PROTECTA GROUP provides on-site guarding of commercial, public, and governmental facilities and private property, including services for personal protection. We do business in accordance to the highest professional standards and our company is of the leading private security companies.

- On-site guarding

- Reception and visitor access control

- Mobile security

- Personal protection

- Special event security service

technology-technical security

TSS incorporate sell, install, and service of fire prevention systems, CCTV systems, and equipment for access control.

- Security assessment

- Technical security; system project    recommendation and equipment installation

- Technological systems maintenance

- Video surveillance and critical intervention team

mechanical security

Mechanical security is essential mechanism that sets fundamentals in creating specialized comprehensive security system committed to provide effective protection.

This includes mechanical barriers such are turnstiles, gates, doors, locks, electric and electronic access control systems, keying system, security rolling shutters and grilles, security doors and windows, 24 hours facility lighting.

crisis management

Crisis management consists of business planning, organizing, and business process control in the times of crises. Planning allows management to seize and resolve the crisis.

PROTECTA has well-designed risk analysis system that consist of security assessment, physical-technological security plan, and recommendation for business resilience improvement.

fire prevention and protection

PROTECTA has adopted the most comprehensive model of automatic fire alarm and fire suppression systems. Implementation of various carefully selected fire protection systems minimizes dangerous consequences to the property and human lives.

Those systems allows us to respond to hazardous incidents in timely manner, therefore, it allows us to mitigate the hazardous effect of potentially destructive fire. Our company offers highly trained and licensed fire protection guards and technicians which stand ready to engage in safety of your business.

SERTIFIKAT SRPS-ISO 9001:2008 za sistem menadžmenta kvalitetom koji se primenjuje u našoj kompaniji: fizička zastita i obezbedjenje objekata, upravljanje sistemima tehničke zaštite, alarm monitoring i intervencija mobilne ekipe zaštite. SERTIFIKATI IZ SRPS A.L2 002:2008 SERTIFIKAT o ispunjavanju standarda i kvaliteta usluge za: fizička zastita, fizička zastita objekta, fizička zastita lica, fizička zastita javnih skupova. SERTIFIKAT za oblasti: menadžment iz kontrolnog centra, menadžment iz kontrolnog centra obezbedjenjem stacionarnih objekata, menadžment iz kontrolnog centra patrolnim timovima. SERTIFIKAT za: tehnička zastita, protivprovalna zastita, protivpožarna zastita, video nadzor obezbedjenje, kontrola pristupa i izlaska, mehanička zastita. SERTIFIKAT za oblast: menadžment vrednostima, transport vrednosti. SERTIFIKAT SRPS-ISO 27001:2011 za usaglašenost za sistem menadžmenta o bezbednosti informacija a odnosi se na: fizička zastita i obezbedjenje objekata, upravljanje sistemom tehnička zastita, alarm monitoring i intervencija, mobilna ekipa zaštite. korporativna bezbednost

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detective services

Within Protecta Group LLC, operates Detective Agency Protecta that serves its clients in domain of private investigation. Our detectives are available to you 24/7 and will answer all concerns that you may have whether you have encountered private or business problems, or you are looking forward to enhance your business readiness.

We offer detailed employment screening, corporate security measure and procedures, we do analysis and assessment of potential threats and vulnerability of your business. We investigate financial frauds and suspicious material loss and leaks of confidential information.

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